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"I would like to carry the ANCHI Crystals. My friends would love to meet you the next time you are in town." owner ~ Carolina Beads & Gemstones

"Lisa wanted to thank you so much for your informative class and I enjoyed every moment of it and hearing your stories and your journey. I would sit through it all again as there was so much information to learn and I hope you have more things to show, share and teach in the future while staying in this area.

I bought two of your crystal necklaces today from Donna and put one on and wore it home." from MYRTLE BEACH YOGA

"My friend, biologist, and nutrition expert, Lisa Kretschmer, has been here since Friday, August 17 and after a looong and sometimes difficult week of intense diet modification - based in part on my research of food lists and my determination to achieve, and in great part, Lisa's knowledge of food and nutrition - on Thursday, August 23 my pH had finally reached 7.5 and has stayed in the 7.0 range for three days!! Only day 3 of maintaining that balance and I feel better than - well, than I can remember feeling in decades! I can't thank you enough, Lisa!" Social Marketing ~ Savannah, Georgia

"Weary after a weekend workshop, and seeking relief from the pain and tightness in my neck, I joined Lisa for a short ANCHI Crystal session. Her gentle attentiveness eased my body into meditative relaxation, and the crystals did their work. I left peaceful and rejuvenated--and my neck pain disappeared!" Eddie Lee ~ Medford, Oregon

Hi Lisa, I think we need to incorporate ANCHI Crystals in the program, as I said before the Cherokees believed in the healing power that comes from crystals. We could possibly explore this further sometime. Thanks for all you are doing, Carol ~ Cherokee, North Carolina

Lisa Kretschmer is a gifted energy worker who blends her spiritual gifts and strengths with the most highly vibrating crystals on the planet. She uses every psychic tool at her disposal to balance and strengthen people's bodies, minds and spirits. Intuitive Healer ~ Charlotte, North Carolina

When I think of Lisa, I think of generosity and loving acts of kindness. The first time I met Lisa she freely shared her knowledge and her tools of healing. My son and I were staying at a lodge while visiting a nearby college. There were several other people we did not know staying there. I was having a bout of eczema from a broken ankle surgery. I was scratching my ankle a lot and not even aware of the scratching, it had become a habit. I had been to the doctor and gotten the diagnosis and prescribed some cream that wasn't really working. He also informed me that anxiety and dry skin would provoke the condition. So, I had accepted that in winter and whenever I experienced anxeity, the eczema would flare up; I just had to deal with it. Standing in the kitchen of that lodge and unaware I was scratching, a woman came up to me and enquired about the scratching, bringing it into my consciousness. I told her my story and she immediately said she had something she thought would help. I didn't know this woman and hadn't even been properly introduced. But there was something about her that I rarely experience, sincerity and an authentic willingness to help. She left for a few minutes and came back with a litte bottle of oil. There was no label. She told me what it was but I didn't really pay attention to what it was. She had told me to rub the oil on my ankle everyday. I thought why not try it. I asked her how much it cost and she said it was a gift. I was blown away by this stranger's generosity. I thanked her. She left the lodge right after that exchange. I immediately started using the oil. It soothed the itching and within a few days the rash was totally cleared up. I couldn't believe that I didn't have the woman's name nor could I remember what the oil was. I coveted the oil, using it sparingly. When it was gone, I tried other natural oils and made sure I used them right after showering. The rash would appear in the dead of winter or when I was stressed but never flared up in an intense way as it had before. This oil treatment has become a ritual for me. Before exiting the shower I rub the oil on both wet legs and as I rub the oil on each leg, I take a moment to thank my feet and legs for where they carried me the day before and where they will be carrying me that day, it's a ritual of connection to my body and intention for the day. I learned later that this kind of connection is exactly what Lisa nurtures in her clients. That was one powerful encounter, the first time I was in Lisa's presence! I was so grateful for meeting that woman and not happy with myself that I let her slip away. Then, about a year later I ran into Lisa again. I immediately recognized her and she me. We became fast friends. Over the years Lisa has shared her knowledge of the Ayurvedic approach to life and behavior. She has showered me with crystals and tons of support in the good and bad times. I am thrilled she is offering her presence, people feel uplifted and safe. So apropos that she does energy work, not only based in spirituality, based in science as well. All her education, training and life experience embodied in a workshop she facilitates is worth the investment of time and resources! And did I mention her generosity?! Yes! Lisa's purpose is spreading wellness in the world; she does this confidently, wisely and generously. Our wellness is her life's work. Oh, and the rash...what a gift it was in my life, it led me to Lisa! Business Coach ~ Manassas, Virginia

I used the ANCHI Crystals pouch this week. I worked on a horse and he still had an issue. Several days later when I went back she had a back and right stifle issue. I put pouch on back as I used selenite down the spine. All of a sudden she "came to" and was done. Something in her back shifted. I shall enjoy exploring this further. Thank you.
Duffy McCoy Happy Horse Therapy ~ - Florida

Lisa has taken care of my elderly (18 years old) cat, Bunkie, several times, and while she can be somewhat skittish with some folks, she felt right at home with Lisa. Lisa has a real affinity for animals, and I could tell when I returned that Bunkie was very relaxed and sense of missing me at all, which was great. I would recommend Lisa to anyone. Hugs, Carolyn ~ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

P.S. Attached is a pic of Bunkie thinking she's invisible!

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