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Lisa Kretschmer with white horseSo many years have gone by since I met Lisa. So many facets I have been allowed to see in Lisa. So much I have learned from Lisa. So much I have seen Lisa give to so many people.

It started almost twenty years ago, when I met Lisa as the director of a very unique Kindergarten in Munich, Germany. My daughter was one of her little students back then. Lisa was the most amazing gift, my daughter could have received in her first years of being raised by someone outside of the home. With her very quiet, balanced, intuitive demeanor, Lisa taught the children to love and appreciate nature, to believe in themselves and their intuition. She gave them guidance, boundaries, wings, love, health, curiosity, respect for life, faith and joy. I smile, when I see how my now grown-up daughter still benefits from lessons learned back then from Lisa’s loving out-of-this-world teachings.

Lisa then moved on, spreading her wings to let more and more people benefit from her unique abilities. Now, she is working with young and old, people and animals (especially with her beloved magical horses), passing on the loving healing of her hands, her mind, her energetic field. Her work with the powerful ANCHI Crystals, her dedication to the old wisdom held by our native american population is so valuable. She has become a true wisdom keeper. I have witnessed beautiful quiet yet powerful situations in which Lisa shines with pure light, passing on healing in an amazingly generous manner.


May Lisa touch many more souls! May you all benefit from her unusual abilities! May you experience the healing and loving light that shines from Lisa!

With true gratitude and dedication,

Dr. Milena Raspotnig
Klassische Homöopathie, Naturheilkunde und Psychotherapie
Classical Homeopath
Munich, Germany


* * * * * *


Friends are here to warm up your soul
You go on your path together than you part,
But they say you meet twice in life and it is true
because real friends ways are meant to flow together
to grow each others soul
and find meaning on your path
through each encounter.
Thank you Lisa, my friend,
Love from my heart to yours

- Christina Sonntag


* * * * * *


My Experience with ANCHI Crystals

Looking back over the past week, my experience with ANCHI Crystals began before I even knew of their existence. It was as though they were sending their energies and healing ahead of them, which arrived before the actual physical crystals arrived.

Something that I had been trying to manifest―which had been causing me frustration for a couple of years―suddenly fell into place with such ease that it was almost unbelievable. Later that same day, Lisa arrived, and I happened to stop by Ellie's house and met her. She had such a grounded presence about her, that I immediately felt a strong connection. I wanted to participate in the Wednesday evening Mystery School, but an inner voice kept telling me 'No', I didn't have to, but I needed to experience the crystals one on one. I'm not one who usually is strongly attracted to crystals, although I think they're beautiful and I do believe in their healing qualities, but before I even saw the ANCHI Crystals, there was a strong feeling that I needed to experience them, and so decided to have the session with Lisa the following day.

At the time, the session didn't seem particularly extraordinary or profound―no lightning bolts, no instantaneous healing―and yet something was deeply at work that has continued to manifest itself over the past few days. When I placed the crystals on my body, I instantly knew whether it was the right place for them to be―it was very strong―so I moved them around my body until it felt right. If it wasn't the right place, I would experience some sort of discomfort, and when I found the right place it was like a cool drink of water on a hot, dry day. I have never had such strong indications of something actually occurring that quickly when I've used other types of crystals before. At the end of the session I received a small vision that was a bit perplexing at first, but as I gave this vision space to unfold, that's where the magic really began.

The next day, I felt such a strong pull that I couldn't wait to get back to the crystals again. So I called Ellie and asked how long Lisa would be there, and that I wanted to come back and just be with the crystals.

And then the horses! The horses, the horses…what can I say about the horses? For me, they have been just as powerful as the crystals, and for me they have been working as one. The spirit of a horse has entered me and has been guiding me simultaneously back to a place I had forgotten, and toward an incredible new possibility.

The crystals have shaken my world a bit. They are helping me to align with the blueprint of my true energetic being. They have brought me to an incredible understanding of who I am, and have helped me connect with the spirit of the horse, which is guiding me daily, and all I have to do is jump on its back and ride!

- Jia Wildwyn




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