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ANCHI Crystal Products

ANCHI Crystals Starter Water

ANCHI Crystals will structure water—rapidly. And like all crystals, they do much more than structure the water. ANCHI Crystals transfer structural patterns to water carrying unique, life-supporting information. Their energetic field is so strong that the water is capable of holding the pattern for a long time. ANCHI Crystals are small. They can be placed either around or in water. Several minutes are enough to transfer the structural and vibrational information to the water. They can also be left in their original pouches and placed around a water container to bring structure.

Read The ANCHI Crystals Story (pdf download)


For international orders, please e-mail me directly with your order, as shipping rates will vary. Include the items you wish to purchase, and your shipping address, so that I may calculate your order based on the shipping rates to your country.


ANCHI Crystal Athletic Wraps
  • Eliminates bruising, swelling, and pain associated with muscle strains.
  • Reduced recovery time and reduced scarring after surgical procedures.
  • Eliminates or reduces pain from headaches and old injuries.
  • Rapid recovery and prevention of muscle soreness after intense training activity or athletic competition.
  • Pain relief from shin splints, usually within 24 to 48 hours.
  • More restful sleep before and after events.
  • Eases or eliminates muscle cramping.
  • Eliminates bruising, swelling, and pain from impact injuries, usually within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Athletes have discovered that ANCHI Crystal Athletic Wraps are excellent as a preventative measure, for general maintenance, and as recovery support.

ANCHI Crystal Wrap 20" x 1"



ANCHI Crystal Wrap 14" x 4"



ANCHI Crystal Wrap 8" x 10"



ANCHI Crystal Wrap 36" x 1"



ANCHI Crystal Wrap 48" x 1"


ANCHI Crystal Halos
ANCHI Crystal Halos are designed to lay upon the pillow and then nestle your head in it and the ANCHI Crystals provide phenomenal sleep benefits. It's also versatile and you can rest it on your shoulders to relieve stress and strain.

ANCHI Crystal Halo




ANCHI Crystal Pouches
Place on body before sleep, on areas of pain, or hold throughout the day to receive ANCHI Crystal benefits.

3 oz.
(Two 1.5 oz. pouches)



6 oz. pouch


ANCHI-CELESTIAL Crystal Pouches were created when ANCHI Crystal Pouches were charged with the energies of the Blue New Year's moon of Endings and the energies of the New Year's Day of Beginnings. The ANCHI Crystal field remains intact and incorporates a 'secondary' field of remarkable Celestial energies. Many people utilise their Crystal fields for meditation/prayer and energetic support for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues in their lives.

Simply hold your ANCHI-CELESTIAL Pouch to receive all the benefits and energetic presence of New Year's ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS.

Expose to any sun period and/or full moon period.

ANCHI Celestial Pouches
3 oz.
(Two 1.5 oz. pouches)



ANCHI Celestial Pouches
6 oz. pouch




ANCHI Crystal Gift Bags
Place on body before sleep, areas of pain, or hold throughout the day to receive the benefits of the ANCHI

16 oz. (1 lb)
ANCHI Crystal Gift Bag



24 oz. (1.5 lbs)
ANCHI Crystal Gift Bag




ANCHI BUDDHIST Crystal Pouches

Would you like to sit in the energy of the historic Buddha and other Buddhist Masters? As remarkable as it may seem, it is possible to have this blessing every day.

ANCHI Crystals were used to collect the powerful energetic essence around Buddhist relics on the Maitreya Project Heart Tour. The relics are formed as part of the cremation process and are "pearl-like" crystals sometimes found in the ashes of spiritual masters. Buddhists do not worship statues or religious artifacts. According to Buddhist traditions, sacred objects such as those on tour are used as an inspiration to create positive universal values common to all humanitarian and spiritual traditions. The ANCHI Crystal Field supports chakra balancing, meridian flows, and optimizing bio-fields which are important to many Buddhist disciplines. The Eastern cultures have recognized the importance of these factors for thousands of years. They play an important role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Masters of all cultures knew that balancing the chakras was the essential first step into connecting ourselves to the Greater Whole and the manifestation process. The enhancing attributes occur naturally when holding a pouch or placing it on the body before sleep. The entire original ANCHI Crystal Field is intact and providing all of the benefits of ANCHI Crystals. The addition of the Buddhist field adds a second layer. The combination of the primary ANCHI Crystal Field with the secondary field with the centered peaceful energy of Buddhist masters is a very unique tool for meditative practices and altars.



Buddhist Crystal Pouches
3 oz.
(Two 1.5 oz. pouches)



Buddhist Crystal Pouches
6 oz. pouch


ANCHI Crystal Love Lifts

Love Lifts



Love Lifts are a lingerie product shaped like bra inserts with a big difference. Love Lifts provide a positive, energetic therapy supporting breast health in addition to lifting the breast. They are not a substitute for medical attention, but they do give women a way to implement nurturing benefits for their breasts as part of their daily routine. I've worked for one of the finest reconstructive surgeons in the Colorado area for 20+ years and ANCHI Crystal Love Lifts are an ideal additional supplement to treatment and recovery of breast cancer. Instead of just lifting the breast, Love Lifts focus on providing a positive, energetic therapy to support breast health. They are not a substitute for medical attention in dealing with breast cancer, and they do give women a way to emplement nurturing benefits for their breasts as part of their daily routine.

ANCHI Bath Crystals

Bath Minerals
8 oz. white organza pouch



Luxuriate in an ANCHI Crystal Mineral Hot Springs in the comfort of your home! Simply drop the pouch of ANCHI Bath Minerals in bath water to relax, soothe, and regenerate. Everyone loves to soak in natural hot springs! It’s the perfect gift for anyone special on your list—including yourself! ANCHI Bath Minerals are available in an 8 oz package for a luxurious bathing experience!

Wire-Wrapped ANCHI Crystal Jewelry

ANCHI Crystal Necklace


On an 18" Sterling Silver chain with velvet gift bag

Guarantee: 90-day guarantee on all ANCHI Crystal Wire Wraps.
After 90 days there is a $25 re-wrap charge.

Wire wrapping is like handwriting. Each artist has a distinct way of expressing their talent to support the beauty of ANCHI Crystals. ANCHI Crystals uses several different skilled experts to create a variety of styles to express the uniqueness of each and every personal ANCHI Crystal pendant. They contribute greatly to the distinction of owning a one-of-a-kind piece of functional ANCHI Crystal jewelry that bestows the many benefits of the ANCHI Crystal field.

ANCHI Crystal Specimens

These ANCHI Crystal specimens are shards, in a form just as they came from the Earth. These pieces are taken from massive crystalline walls. No polishing or cutting has been applied, and the ANCHI Crystal Field remains completely intact.

The ANCHI Crystal Shards selected for jewelry answer the need to be in continual contact with the ANCHI Crystal Field in the pleasing context of wearing a unique ANCHI Crystal that is only yours. Every ANCHI Crystal carries and connects to the ANCHI Crystal Field. However, within the ANCHI Crystal Community, individual stones contribute their own personal message. They remain as constant instruments to enhance your well being throughout life's challenges and opportunities - Please Enjoy and see "Is this your ANCHI?"

These are one-of-a-kind, and may not appear as in the photo below.

ANCHI Crystal Angel Wing





One-of-a-Kind ANCHI Crystal Necklaces & Hand-held Specimens


If you are interested, please e-mail Lisa Kretschmer with the following info, and she will get back to you ASAP:

  • Your name
  • Your desired price range ($130.00/up)
  • Your preference of wire wrap - Zen or Angelic
  • Chain (specify length) or no chain


Hand-held ANCHI Crystal Specimens

If you are interested, please e-mail Lisa Kretschmer with the following info, and she will get back to you ASAP:

  • Your name
  • Your desired price range ($130.00/up)


ANCHI Crystal Power Station

How to Create an ANCHI Crystal Power Station:


ANCHI Crystals
Glass large enough to hold grid
Natural Light (Sun, moon, and stars)
Broadcast Intention - The Centerpiece (Photo, Desire, ANCHI Specimen, etc.)


Using ANCHI Crystal energy to broadcast positive goals
Using a pattern of ANCHI Crystal circles to build


ANCHI Crystal Anchoring Ceremony


Translation for the ANCHI Crystal Anchoring Ceremony
(into the Christ Consciousness Grid)

They say: We honor you, we honor your expression of Divine Law.  It is intersections that you co-create and at intersections, power is transferred and travels easily across realms.  There are certain animals that are called into these grids.  (Kendall’s understanding is that when these grids are made, we are not the only species that is some how connected to that action.)

They say:   “Whales in particular, animals of the poles; North & South Poles, animals with a lot of fat reserves in their bodies walruses-seals-whales… (The reason for this) is that animals that have that amount of fat encapsulate the energies of the planet.  Fat storage serves multiple purposes. (Kendall believes that they were specifically talking about these species that have a level of high consciousness that we as humans do not entirely understand.) 

They spoke of “birds stringing together the wisdom of the four winds, of the fish singing the songs of the waters, of the animals on land, in particular the amphibians who collect the excess in the night trees.” 

Some of the readings that come through the translations, involve many animals and nature because that is the planet that we live on. And this experience tonight is calling us to the possibility and the truth of their involvement in the things that we do.

They say: “You are not the only species that benefits from this, or that participates in it”  (this “it” is the anchoring into the Christ Consciousness grid of Light).  They remind Kendall about a poem “Saint Francis and the Sow” by Galway Kinnell. This poem is the essence of some of what is happening here.

They say: “So much of what you are doing on your planet is to remind all creatures of their original beauty, connection and Divine purpose.  Even the roach knows that the ethers are shifting.  We would like to say that there is a calm that is beneath everything now, but it is more like a fire that has grown from a pilot light.” 

When Debbie was laughing: Kendall heard, “there are ways not to burn your butt”!  LOL - often humor is part of this dialogue… Humor is holy too.

They say: “No one is exempt from the embers blowing over them at this time on your planet.”  Then right after that, Debbie breathed out – exhaled, and Kendall sensed that this was personification of the embers being blown over all of us now.

They say:  “So where is the calm?  It is in the fire.  Not outside of it, with you sitting outside of it sucking up all the warmth.  You have to endure the burning.” 

They say: “What are YOU burning?  What should YOU throw into the flames?  Throw ALL of your knowing into the flames and ask more questions – inquire more into uncertainty. Throw all of your righteousness into the flames and inquire more into the child mind.”

For the ceremony, we are sitting within a ring of salt and now they show Kendall the salt growing into tall white grass. (Does anyone know the symbolism of this?)

They say: “Everything will be made new soon… have you ever seen a flower grow out of ashes?  Yes, it will be new like that.  Right now everything is growing ON something else like the mushroom."  K sees a log with mushrooms on it.  “But soon the mushroom will grow on and of itself, no host will be needed.  Only the truth of itself.  The new symbiosis will be where each thing is connected by the truth of itself, and therefore the truth of all.”  

They say: “All of your Light work is/are pearls in the sea of consciousness.”  Then K remembered this saying that we have here on Earth:  “The world is your oyster”   


Thanks to the Light House Spiritual Center in Mooresville, NC


ANCHI Crystals, Science and Skin Care - Annae Geoceuticals


ANCHI Crystals have been studied in several ways. Initially they were tested to document their ability to create vitality in water by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. Dr. Korotkov is known internationally for his development of GDV software, which documents subtle energy of the body, and the vitality of water and minerals. Cosmetic companies such as Estee Lauder and Aveda highly regard the work of Dr. Korotkov. The primary use of GDV software in Russia is in hospitals. Five types of water were tested after being exposed to these crystals and in every case the vitality was increased significantly! The test stated that the increased energy was due to the crystals apparent ability to organize the molecules in the water. The same university studied the beneficial effect of ANCHI Crystals on human skin, and when soaking the body in water exposed to the crystals. The crystals were also tested for their ability to hydrate skin in women with phenomenal results.

If you are interested in any of the ANCHI Crystals Annae Skin Care, email me at

Read The ANCHI Crystals Story (pdf download)

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