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ANCHI Crystals, Science and Skin Care
May 8, 2015

ANCHI Crystals have been studied in several ways. Initially they were tested to document their ability to create vitality in water by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia. Dr. Korotkov is known internationally for his development of GDV software, which documents subtle energy of the body, and the vitality of water and minerals. Cosmetic companies such as Estee Lauder and Aveda highly regard the work of Dr. Korotkov. The primary use of GDV software in Russia is in hospitals. Five types of water were tested after being exposed to these crystals and in every case the vitality was increased significantly! The test stated that the increased energy was due to the crystals apparent ability to organize the molecules in the water. The same university studied the beneficial effect of ANCHI Crystals on human skin, and when soaking the body in water exposed to the crystals. The crystals were also tested for their ability to hydrate skin in women with phenomenal results.

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The scientific journey of ANCHI Crystals involves the fields of geology/geophysics, material science, and physics. Members of these disciplines, such as Dr. Al Faltser of the University of New Orleans, Professor Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University, and physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, have made significant contributions to the body of information about ANCHI Crystals.

A scientific team in the Netherlands is currently documenting and exploring the field surrounding ANCHI Crystals and will announce their findings upon completion of their research. The indications of these findings are harmonious with what ANCHI users have been describing for years and provide scientific explanations for some of their experiences. Of particular scientific interest are the importance of biological flows, connections, and harmonic factors; how these affect our health on all levels; and the study of the ANCHI Crystal Field as a benefit and source of energetic support.

But what compels a scientist to study ANCHI Crystals and the field surrounding the crystals? In objective testing there is never a place to learn the heart and mind of the scientists responsible for the charts and rhetoric.

So we asked the visionary leaders currently involved with ANCHI Crystals to tell us what it is about the Crystals and their scientific findings that animate them. These are the men who are exploring the ANCHI Crystal Field, learning how it works, and how it can be used to improve our existence.


Fiber Optic Communication and Project Director

I am interested in exploring ANCHI Crystals and their Field from a scientific point of view. It is perhaps possible that a better scientific understanding of ANCHI Crystals and their Field will give us a better understanding of how this Field can be applied. It is our goal to learn more about the Field, the Crystals, how they operate and how to utilize this information.

There is harmony within this Field and wisdom within this Field. In the current scientific world knowledge is isolated from the holistic view. I hope we find the Harmonic Order that is in the Field. Scientists that look at this Field with 20th century views would be looking at only a part at a time. This should not be done with the ANCHI Crystal Field. We want to have an understanding of the Field and all the energies that harmonize it together.

The material world has rules of order that are connected to this Field. Everything has a field around it. Everything, including our chemical composition has a kind of Harmonic Field.

We know the sun and moon and other celestial factors affect our Earth but we forget that every cell in our body has stardust. There is not a cell, atom, or electron in our body that is not based upon this. We are born of the stars. Without the explosions of the stars, we could not be here. Every brain cell and all chemical compositions were formed by the heating and cooling of the Cosmos. All of the Cosmos works in harmony and therefore should work in
harmony with our bodies.

In the lab we have discussions on fractals. The principle in fractals is that no matter how small you are, you are part of the largest fractal. Even if you zoom in on the largest fractal millions of times, that part is still part of the largest fractal. I start to believe there is some energy in us that identifies to even the largest fractal. I also start to think that some factors in the ANCHI Crystal Field awaken that energy.

This Field has a complete connection to the Cosmos. The Field might be able to explain many things that are common throughout the Universe. The Field is interactive and can operate with our intent. This is a very big challenge. We must disconnect with the history of how we have done things in the past. It is very interesting job because working with this Field has not been done before. It represents very exciting possibilities.

We study the ANCHI Crystal Field through physics. But we also take it further as to how it affects humans, animals, plants in particular foods, and water. I am very interested in cycles. There are many unknown factors in the biological life cycle in relation to food and mankind that are very interesting and important. The interaction between the total biological life cycles involving minerals, weather conditions, soil and other requirements contain many hidden energy layers that are still unknown factors. The research of ANCHI Crystals will answer many of these and give insights in how to create an optimum growing cycle.

The optimum in any cycle involves more than the chemical substance. One specific research step that is done now between China and Europe is based upon systems biology and health through bio-photonics. We have focused for many decades to the success of looking only to the chemical compositions but we have come to a limit. There is much more that we have never explored. The research of chemical relations has helped us over the last decades but
the more we understand subtle energy the more we see that photons and other energy forms seems to play a major role. We do not fully know what the possibilities are if we start to understand this major energy field but the tests done so far with ANCHI Crystals have produced enormous results.

The photon emission of ANCHI Crystals could be used to improve the energy field of other biological systems. Their positive affect on many biological systems can be measured now. We have learned that these minerals communicate. We think of minerals as being dead, but the photon emission showed us something different. After exposure to sunlight extensive photon emission was sent into its environment. If you put ANCHI Crystals on acupuncture points positive effects with bio-photons can be measured.

Tests are being conducted to determine how light from ANCHI Crystals can effect the light emission of seeds. We have seen that if you put seeds in the right conditions like water and good fertilizer they measure a good photon emission. But we also now know that communication with other positive systems like ANCHI Crystals might also affect seeds. Here we move to a complete new area of research.

We look for ways to utilize the properties of the ANCHI Crystal Field. In other words, we are looking for ways to harness what we discover. We know ANCHI Crystals and their Field have the ability to communicate, hold preexisting information, and have ways of operating that are still mysterious to us. We also know this Field is natural, has always proven to be beneficial, works only in alignment with cooperative factors and can interact. This holds possibilities for us we don't presently fully understand.

My personal dream is to see the field around ourselves and the Earth restored. I want to see the reconstruction of the Earth's field so that it joins perfectly back to the greater Harmonic of the Universe. There is currently serious damage in this area that causes disharmony. That is the problem. We try to find the solution. I think the more we understand the laws of the ANCHI Crystal Field, the more we will understand how to harmonically solve our problems.

Then we can discover the differences in how we live when we are properly reconnected to the Universal Harmonic and all the possibilities it holds for upgrading the standard of living and quality of life for us all.


Holistic Veterinarian and ANCHI Crystal Researcher

The range of applications for the ANCHI Crystal Field is virtually endless. We are just beginning to discover how to use it. If we know how to use it I think it can be applied to everything except destructive purposes. We can use it for medicine, healing, cleaning soil, energizing water, and much more. The biggest problem we have now is that we don't know the ANCHI Crystal Field nor do we live according to the Field. The ANCHI Crystal Field to me represents cosmic order.

ANCHI Crystals can be very helpful in that they give people and animals a greater feeling of connection to this order. When loss of connection occurs there is often a sense of loneliness. People can have a feeling that they stand by themselves and the people around them have the same feeling that they are standing by themselves. With ANCHI Crystals you get a better feeling that you are connected to everything, that you are a part of everything.

I think ANCHI Crystals can help most people if they are even a little open to it, to find their path and contribution in a positive way. Working with them purifies your mind, thereby also your body and your energy field. You start living differently. You start recognizing more what's good for you and what's not good for you. It helps you to find your path, your blueprint of what you are going to do and what you have to do. If everyone lived according to their blueprint, everything would live in connection and destruction would decrease. This is one of the ways eve ANCHI Crystals can benefit our world.

Your body as far consists of three things, an electrical part, a light part, and a magnetic part. The combination of the three creates the chemical aspect. The chemical aspect is physical. The physical is nothing more than dense energy. The body is recreating itself constantly so if the energy becomes right it is much easier for the body to recreate itself and be stronger. The body also needs other good ingredients which include the quality food, water, meridian
flows, and good chakra activity. One part is not separated from the rest. However, if our energy system is getting better, not only will the material side of our body be getting better, but I think that it will affect our emotions and that will affect the people around us.

ANCHI Crystals can be especially good with water. Our body is mostly water so it should be of perfect quality. ANCHI Crystals can give certain frequencies through the water that make the water more alive. Most water that we drink is dead water. The ANCHI Crystal Field restructures and restores water. Therefore the plants change, surroundings change, and you change. This is one of the fastest ways to go back to our restored state which is a much more healthy state, a more happy state, and a more connected state.

The plants we have now are not as powerful as they were. Our herbs are less powerful. The soil is almost dead just like the water. They cannot build up a field because they are sick. We found out if you combine the ANCHI Crystal Field with herbs it makes the herbs a lot more powerful. The positive action of herbs becomes a lot stronger, not only on an energetic level but on a physical level. So you can take less herbs and the work they do is much more powerful than before. This is because it brings back the natural state. The way we treat disease now is like a train that has been derailed and we are pushing the train beside the rail. I was always looking for something to put the train back so it can go by itself. ANCHI Crystals are very beneficial for that.

The ANCHI Crystal Field clears you up so your body is more capable of healing itself. More and more we see that the body has more difficulty healing itself. One of our biggest problems now is that we are surrounded by negative frequencies. They come from our technologies harming the natural fields. Even if you want to be connected you have to go through thick gray layers of this static which makes natural connection almost impossible. To think that we only need food, air and water to be alive is not true. Your main important energy source comes
from what China calls Chi and India calls prana. Early Europe called it vril. Even Hitler was looking for a machine to use vril. This main important energy source is also the main important energy source for water and plants, so the circle is round again.

It is not like you can use ANCHI Crystals only once. Sometimes it seems like that when you put them on a body they start working. They are interactive with the unified field. There is more than enough energy there. They can work over and over again. Never throw away an ANCHI Crystal.

ANCHI Crystals came into my life. I don't know everything about them at this time but I know they changed my life. My way of thinking is also changing. What I know that changed is that I was looking all of my life to work with this cosmic energy because I'm convinced it's the most powerful energy there is. I have worked for many years to build a successful clinic. I have studied all of my life and I have acquired many diplomas. I have also developed medicines for animals. The ANCHI Crystal Field is different from any other medicine that I know.

ANCHI Crystals are connected to the Field. They can create energy and you don't have to work. It's more like perpetual motion. It is much more intelligent than we are. We have to stop trying to be more intelligent than nature because we're not. For me nature and the cosmic field is the same. Nature is everything that flows by itself.

Mother Nature is a far better teacher than my 8 years of university training. The truth is in nature. At some point mankind decided not to listen to nature anymore and wanted to be better than nature. Well, we're not and we will never be. That's where I think ANCHI Crystals are helpful. Not only do they bring your mind back, energy flow back they also bring the natural order back.

The power of Nature is endless. The power of oil is gone in 25 years. If we learn to use the natural laws found in ANCHI Crystals we could create physical energy to an endless level because there is an endless amount. It is the Field. It is there. In one little stone there is so much energy. We just don't know how to use it.

You can get everything from ANCHI Crystals if you find the law of Nature and use them according to the law. This is what we need to find. Somewhere nature became something just for recreation. We have such a beautiful planet. It is amazing in how little time we are destroying it. ANCHI Crystals are very good ambassadors for getting back on track.



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