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Recommendations may include: dietary support, herbal supplements, optimization of daily routine to include meditation and yoga, and personal environmental support such as aromatherapy and feng shui. Ayurveda Wellness Sessions are available to individuals, small gatherings of 3-5 people, and group collectives.

We also maintain an association with VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda, who offer a wealth of Ayurvedic supplements, cleansing products, food & beverages, recipes, articles, and much more. Please visit their site to see all that they have to offer.


Sometimes the most amazing discoveries come from the most unlikely sources. Such is the case with ANCHI Crystals, which are found in only one place on Earth. The ANCHI Crystal fields address general health, pain reduction, peaceful sleep, stress support, natural approach, and are individually interactive. ANCHI Crystal sessions for the individual, group, or collective, provide reintegration, regeneration, and a return to original DNA vibration prior to any current life stress. A typical ANCHI Blessings Session lasts approximately one hour.

Divining Life Purpose

Divination Healing through sacred light energetics and calculations. Awareness of the predominate energy of your divine birth date helps one understand the underlying energy governing your life purpose.

Gregorian birthdates are calculated from ancient divine calendars that resonate with creation's vibration for the day you were born. These energies have a relationship much like different notes on the musical scale, harmonious/discordant/oppositional. All directions work together to produce the musical score we call life. This session will show you how your energy works in symphony with each day, cycle, and divine year.

Discover The Deeper Side of Your Personality

Mayan Astrology is an amazingly accurate calendar system used to determine your unique Personality Pattern.

Here are the basics:

There are 260 days in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.
There are 20 Mayan Sun Signs and 13 Galactic Tones.
13 x 20 = 260 Days on the Tzolkin Calendar, and then it repeats.

Question of Birth Time?

Current research is indicating that the Maya began their day at Sun Rise, not midnight. If you happen to be born in the early AM (e.g. 3:00 AM), you might consider using the previous day to look up your Sun sign and tone. For example, if you were born on May 15th at 3:00 AM (before Sun Rise) it’s worth checking the results for May 14th to see if that day’s Mayan Sun sign and Tone fit you better. Please keep in mind that this issue is still a matter of debate amongst Mayan Calendar researchers; however, in our first hand experience preparing Mayan Astrology reports it appears to be the most accurate method.

Divining Life Purpose Sessions are available to individuals, small gatherings of 3-5 people, and group collectives.

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